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Notification of Change in Business Hours

 Thank you very much for the continuous business with us.
We will change the business hour starting January 31st 2019.

 By shortening our business hours,manpower structure during peak hours will be strengthened,which will enable us to provide a higher quality services to customers. We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause you,and we hope you will take the above into consideration. Thank you for understanding.

🚙Business Hours

      Previrouss Hours 6:15~23:00
    NEW HOURS 6:15~20:00 (Receipt of vehicle until 19:30)

🚙Phone Reception Hours for Reservatinon/Inquiry
    Previous Hours 14:00~19:30
    NEW HOURS 10:00~18:00 (Lunch Break 12:00~13:00)


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Excellent service has made us No.1 in crediblity and reliablity
Terminal direct vehicle pickup and drop-off means  you save time!
    English line : 098-891-8670
Telephone Reception time 10:00~18:00
Great daily weekly&monthly rates!!
All rates payment in advance Japanese yen only
Daily Weekly Monthly Rates
3days/2nights ¥3,000
4days/3nights ¥4,000
5days/4nights ¥5,000
After ¥700 per-day
17days to one month ¥10,000

We start reservation from 3month ahead for your schedule.
You can get chance \200  early discount per day!
Please call us (098-891-8670) or Facebook :Naha Airport Parking Honest!

​※We cannot car wash for service during holiday season.

Please inform us your flight info, type of vehicle and car license plate number when you are booking.

Also Please give us your flight itinerary to ensure the correct local time of your arrival.

Discounts available on normal parking fee of 1500 yen/day via advance reservation. 
Reserve early once you know your departure to be eligible for discount.

No Refunds for any type of change of your plans/itinerary.
Request to customers
This service is completely reservation only and an advance reservation is required.
However, in some cases, for example on weekends or vacation seasons when there are no vacancies ,we may not be able to accept your reservation request or provide  services at the discounted rate.
We thank you in advance for your understanding.
Note to customers
An issue that has received increased attention on the internet is the rise in malicious parking service. They conduct sales in plain clothes, do not have their own parking lots, and park cars in supermarket parking lots or other on the street illegally, which has led to various trouble.

Telephone Reception time 10:00~18:00



Take Note of Following Precautions

We strive our best to provide the best reservation services for our customers. Please take note of our operating and reservation hours but note that they will change according to flight plans of the day. If there are any scheduled changes in your itinerary, please be sure to contact us. We are not held liable for any damages or concerns caused by customers not properly informing us ahead of time.

[Delayed Arrival]
Please note that in the case of a flight arrival outside of the business hours of our company due to delays or changes in a flight we will re-park your car at the airport parking lot. The parking fee for parking your car at the airport is paid by the customer. Once the car is parked at the airport parking lot it is no longer covered by our insurance and we do not have any responsibility for the vehicle.

Disclaimer Terms and Conditions

Our company will keep the customer’s car with a relationship of trust. The following matters concerning the vehicle that you parked with us is followed by the agreement and the contracted Insurance Company.

{All Tire Concerns}
There are instances that our company receives your car with a tire puncture or cars with old tires while using our parking services. In this case if there is a puncture we will not stop the car while in travel and we will repair the puncture without the customer’s consent. All costs of the repair fee for the car tire puncture are paid for by the customer.

{All window glass concerns}
The company is exempt from being responsible for any type of windshield/side glass/body scratch, cracks or dings while driving the car to and from the parking lot. In addition, the exemption also includes any mirror or window glass heat created crack or scratch which at the time of exchange doesn’t exist or difficult to find with normal attention damage, the company is exempt from all responsibility.

{Natural Disaster Concerns}
In the case of a natural disaster the company is exempt of any damage caused by the natural disaster. That includes all scratches, dings, cracks, discoloration, rust or deterioration. The company is exempt from all responsibility of damage.

{Car Mileage Concerns}
In some cases, the vehicle that you park with our company may not be parked at our closest location and we may have to transport them to a distant parking lot owned and contracted by our company. Therefore, please acknowledge that there are some cases where the number of kilometers will increase somewhat from the mileage from when you left off.

{Responsibility ends after delivery of vehicle}
After the customer receives the vehicle back, the company assumes no responsibility for the customer’s vehicle.

{Damage to Vehicle Concerns}
The company assumes no responsibility for any damage to the vehicle and it is not covered by any warranty unless there is a rare case that our stuff has made a mistake and proven with consideration and common sense. From the moment we receive the vehicle to the time of delivery we have committed an agreement of mutual trust holding your car at our premises.

{Regarding Engine Concerns}
There are cases when the vehicle is new or used has engine troubles occur while storing the car for a period of time. Any type of interior or engine problem occurring with the car concerning anything from electrical systems, vehicle functionality (battery, accelerator, or key system). The company is exempt from all responsibility.

{Accident・Theft Concerns}
In the event that theft, loss, or repair of the vehicle is necessary due to the incident the remuneration to repair the damage is covered and compensated but anything exceeding the amount will be paid by the customer. (In the case that the above occurs we will provide a temporary car designated by our company.)

{Possession in Car Concerns}
Please do not leave any cash, valuables, credit card or ETC cards in the car. In the event that those items are missing or lost our company is exempt from all responsibility.

We do not accept customer’s vehicles if you are not in full agreement to the disclaimer agreement matters and explanations. We assume that you have agreed to the terms and conditions unless you have explained to us otherwise in advance.